Janice and Alasdair Ritchie live in New York State, about an hour North of the city. They have a home in the UK too, in a sleepy Oxfordshire village where they spend some time visiting grandchildren. They originally bought Rainbow House from Katharine Jahr in 2011. She and her husband had built the house 30 years previously. Alex Jahr was one of the famous Gruner and Jahr publishing dynasty family with a fanatic interest in deep sea fishing, so many of his trophies adorn the walls of Rainbow House and the nearby Stella Maris boutique hotel. The house was built to exacting German quality standards. Alasdair Ritchie purchased this Villa in 2011


Why Alasdair and Janice chose Stella Maris

Rainbow House represents all that is beautiful in a Caribbean villa. It is set in a marine environment which changes continuously. The sunsets and sunrises have to be seen to be believed and the gazebo overlooking the ocean is a place to just contemplate the world. Sitting underneath the canopy of this simple edifice is the fastest stress reliever known to man. The whole experience as you look out to the horizon, seeing the odd cruise ship or fishing boat heading for Cuba or Florida, with the waves washing the coral right beneath your feet, and the large Infinity pool behind you..guarantees you will leave Rainbow a calmer, totally relaxed person.


The gazebo mentioned above.
The Infinity pool, the beautiful stylish bedrooms-all quite different from each other and the huge living room redolent of the famous Ernest Hemingway.
Nowhere like it in the world.