The Stella Maris Resort Club

‘Welcome to Stella Maris Resort Club’

Settled somewhere on the northern end of Long Island, Bahamas. The Stella Maris Resort Club is a kind of place where its visitors surely get to chill & relax in its soothing environment and it’s truly a place to be people looking for both fun & leisure.

It features some of most prominent, exquisite and luxurious accommodations like; ocean view villas & cottages that you’ll ever find in The Bahamas. Apart from that, Stella Maris Resort Club seriously has it all for spending a memorable, relaxing and surely a perfect kind of vacation.

Some of the really appealing features of the Stella Maris Resort include beautiful palm gardens, Club house, amazing views or you can say glimpses of the ocean, communal pool and private air-strip. Savor in astounding views of the crashing waves on the limestone cliffs and revel in an exotic island feel.

We assure you that you’ll never get down & bored here. In a proximity, enjoy & certainly take pleasure of the Long Island’s many attractions such as exploring the caves, snorkeling, fishing, Cliff-diving, kayaking, sailing and paddle boarding and much more that needed to left out.

For Spoiler Alert purpose…you know!!!

Hanging out with the swimming pigs, visiting the famed s “Dean’s” Blue Hole and bone fishing is also a fantastic and popular activity to do at the Adderley Plantation Ruins while you visiting our Stella Maris Resort in Long Island, Bahamas.

The Highlights:
Extensive Palm Gardens
Communal Pool
On site Restaurants
Private Air-Port

Come visit our Villa in the Bahamas at Stella Maris Resort and treasure a vacation of life time!!

Attractions & Things to do

Stella Maris in Long Island of the Bahamas is a kind of place whose experiences & memories surely going to buried deep down in your consciousness till the end of time and make you visit this wonderful piece of paradise again & again. Here, you’re going to experience charming and tranquil white sand beaches, rocky coastlines, uplifting & serene landscape scenery and certainly a soothing climate to stay in.

Sun-bathing on a Pink Sand beach

There’s a lot of one of a kind & best beaches of the Bahamas settled on the Long Island. These pink sandy beaches often referred as the ‘love beaches’ that are perfect for taking long romantic walks with your special one. Click some picture perfect pics with your loved ones. You might also come across some exotic birds or one or two little piggies which can swim in the water. Besides that, sunbathing with a laid-back attitude is also a prominent activity to do at these amazing beaches.

The Columbus Point

Columbus Point features a regular soothing sound of oceanic waves; picturesque beauty of Stella Maris and a monument build in the honor of Christopher Columbus. The great Columbus first landed at this place somewhere right in the 15 century when he was on his voyage from one point of the world to another.

Scuba Diving

While you enjoying some splish & splash in the crystal clear waters and taking pleasure of the wonderful & pristine Long Island beaches. Don’t forget to take a dive right into astounding coral reefs of the long island.  One particular preferred site to snorkeling or you can say scuba diving is the ‘turtle cove’ which comes into the list of one of the deepest blue holes in the whole-wide world.

Sailing & Exploring The Long Island

Get hammered by sipping a vodka drink on your hand and exploring the amazing islands of The Bahamas by simply renting a local boat and sailing across the ocean just like a drunken pirate. If you don’t want to rent a boat then book the eco-tour providers or hire a local guide to delve into the beauty of coral reefs, ocean and many aquatic creatures like; little fishies, turtles and nurse sharks.

Visiting Hamilton’s Cave

Long Island, Bahamas is majorly known for its laid-back lifestyle and some serene & beautiful beaches.  However, there’s a lot more to this place than any other island of the Bahamas. Its underwater cave system is an unexplored treasure of the Long Island, Bahamas. Hamilton’s cave on long island is a must visit because you’ll get to scuba dive here and surely get to look at prehistoric drawings carved on its walls by the Long Island’s Lucayan inhabitants.

 Fishing Bonefish at Long Island, Bahamas

While you sailing across the Bahamian waters don’t forget to stop for a moment and adore the scenic views of the ocean, there’s just something about those glimpses. Fishing the appetizing & delicious bonefish is a prominent & popular activity to do at Long Island. Local Bonefishing Guide Services are also available if you are a newbie at bonefishng. In addition, The Bahamas is considered the best of all the Caribbean countries when it comes to bonefishing.  All other sports are certainly canceled out when you put with this type of fishing.

Kayaking in Mangroves

Kayaking in Stella Maris is entirely a different kind of experience. Explore the shallow waters along the beaches with little fishies swimming besides you. You can practice kayaking in the mangroves by simply renting a kayak from a local business owner. Guide facilities are also available in the area.

Adventure surely awaits you at Stella Maris in Long Island.

Treasure an Exquisite & Luxurious Vacation at our Villa In The Bahamas.

The Outlandish & amazing Bahamas consists of an ample range of beautiful Islands where you’ll find yourself around a relaxing climate, photogenic and picturesque scenery and a fantastic beach lifestyle to live in which you’ll definitely get to experience while you staying at our breathtaking villa situated in the wonderful surroundings of Stella Maris Resort.

Some of these Islands provide you a kind of ambiance or you can say surroundings where you’ll find easygoing, carefree and secluded vibe within its many inhabited islands. On the other hand, there’s also big cruise port such as Bahamas capital Nassau and places like; Florida’s Orlando & Cocoa Beach. In fact, the great Christopher Columbus himself first landed at this lovely paradise called ‘Long Island’ when he began his sailing adventure across the world and in his honor a monument has been erected at Columbus Point.

History of Long Island
Uninhabited throughout the most of 18th century and later converted into a major salt production spot by the British loyalists from New England who later migrated to The Bahamas and started the first plantations with the help of slavery. However, they didn’t last much as practicing of slavery was eventually abolished. If you ever came to Stella Maris, Long Island. do visit the Adderley plantation ruins.

Nowadays, Long Island’s economy majorly concentrated on tourism because it is certainly an authentic place to visit.

Why should you visit Our astounding and fascinating Long Island?
The stunning scenery of fantastic white sand beaches, landscapes and adoring sunset views on the horizons all together makes for an enlightening and unforgettable stay. Apart from that, the pace is really relaxing and slow here which certainly allows you to discover your true self and spending some remarkable, celebrated and memorable memories.

Our Breathtaking Villa’s Pool

About Our Breathtaking Luxury Villa in the Bahamas
Settled just a few minutes’ drive from the Stella Maris Air-strip and features lush yards, well-furnished bedrooms, ample living space and a relaxing 1200 sq.ft infinity pool outside. Besides that, soothing sounds of ocean waves could be heard at night time and really calming & serene setting surrounded by gracefully sweeping palm trees mixed with the colorful brilliance of tropical flowers is certainly felt while you’re at here.

We assure you, A vacation at our Villa in the Bahamas will truly results into an exceptional getaway!!